Yevhenii O. Yakovliev

Doctor of Technical Sciences (engineering ecology), Chief scientific specialist, Kyiv, Institute of Telecommunication and Global Information Space of National Academy of Science.


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Yevhenii Yakovliev, born in 1939, received a Candidate of Geological-Mineralogical Science degree from All-Union Institute of Hydrogeology and Engineering geology in 1984, and a Doctor of Technical Sciences degree from Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas in 1996. Since 1980, he has been working in the field of environmental geology, Chernobyl accident aftermath liquidation, regional effects of mine flooding. As well, he has been a guest researcher at China National Nuclear Company (1993-2008), Centre of Humanitarian Dialogue (from 2016), Civil Protection Team of EU (2016). His research interests include the problems of global climate changes influence on geological environment, technogenic changes of hydrogeological and engineering-geological conditions of towns, new factors of man and geological environment interaction etc. He has published 16 monographies and about 200 research papers in international and Ukrainian scientific journals.

Selected Publications:
1. Trofymchuk, O., Yakovliev, Y., Anpilova, Y., Myrontsov, M., Okhariev, V. (2021). Ecological Situation of Post-mining Regions in Ukraine. Systems, decision and control in energy II. Studies in systems. Decision and Control, Springer, Cham. P. 293-306.
2. Anpilova Y., Yakovliev Y., Trofymchuk O., Myrontsov M., Karpenko O. (2022) Environmental Hazards of the Donbas Hydrosphere at the Final Stage of the Coal Mines Flooding. In: Zaporozhets A. (eds) Systems, Decision and Control in Energy III. Studies in Systems, Decision and Control, vol 399, pp. 305-316. Springer, Cham.
3. Трофимчук О. М., Яковлєв Є. О., Анпілова Є. С. Просторове моделювання в ГІС для оцінки гідроекологічних змін річкових басейнів в зонах впливу гірничодобувних регіонів. Вісник НУВГП. Технічні науки: зб. наук. праць. Рівне: НУВГП, 2018. Ч. 2(82). С. 18-26.
4. О. Trofymchuk, Ye. Anpilova, Ye. Yakovlev, D. Kreta, S. Shekhunova. (2020) Assessment of Solotvyno agglomeration mines flooding impact on water resources with GIS. Monografie - Politechnika Lubelska. Water Supply and Wastewater Disposal: Designing, Construction, Operation and Monitoring. pp. 315-327. Monografie - Politechnika Lubelska edited by Henryk Sobczuk, Beata Kowalska. (2020). Water Supply and Wastewater Disposal: Designing, Construction, Operation and Monitoring, Wydawnictwo Politechnika Lybelska 2020, 349p.