Maria J. Walery

Professor, PhD, Bialystok University of Technology, Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering

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Selected publications:

  1. Kazimierowicz, Joanna, Izabela Bartkowska, and Maria Walery. 2021. "Effect of Low-Temperature Conditioning of Excess Dairy Sewage Sludge with the Use of Solidified Carbon Dioxide on the Efficiency of Methane Fermentation" Energies 14, no. 1: 150. (Scopus).
  2. An optimization model for transport, treatment and disposal of medical waste: a case study of Podlaskie Province Maria Jolanta Walery, Jacek LeszczyńskiE3S Web Conf. 45 00100 (2018) DOI: (Scopus)
  3. The removal of organic compounds from landfill leachate using ozone-based advanced oxidation processes Jacek Leszczyński, Jolanta Walery Maria E3S Web Conf., 45 (2018) 00046 Published online: 2018-07-30 DOI:
  4. Walery, M.J. (2017) The effect of inflation rate on the cost of medical waste management system // E3S Web of Conferences. (Scopus)
  5. Izabela Talalaj, Maria Walery. The effect of gender and age structure on municipal waste generation in Poland/Waste management, ISSN-e 0956-053X, Nº. 6, 2015, págs. 3-8 (Scopus)