Dmytro V. Stefanyshyn

Doctor of Science (Engineering) (Specialty 05.23.02 – Bases and foundations), Associated Professor, Leading Researcher of the Department of Natural Resources, Institute of Telecommunications and Global Information Space of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

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Education and scientific degrees
1982 – Graduated from the Ukrainian Institute of Water Management Engineers, hydraulic engineering faculty
1989 – Defended his candidate’s thesis
1999 – Defended his doctoral thesis on the topic “Assessment of the reliability and safety of hydraulic facilities in the framework of risk theory and system analysis” (Specialty 05.23.07 – Hydrotechnical and reclamation construction)
2010 – Passed the nostrification of the diploma of Doctor of Technical Sciences at the Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture with the specialty 05.23.02 – Basics and foundations.

The main areas of scientific research: Hydropower and Dam Construction, Hydrologic Modelling and Simulation, Floods, Critical Infrastructure, Environmental Impact Assessment, River Hydraulics, System Analysis, Analysis and Assessment of Risk, Decision Making under Uncertainty and Risk, Reliability and Safety of Complex Systems, Mathematical Modelling, Prediction.

Author more than 500 scientific works, prepared personally and in co-authorship, including 6 monographs.

Pedagogical activity
From 2002 to 2021 he was a part-time professor at the National University of Water and Environmental Engineering. Trained 4 candidates in sciences.

Selected publications
1. Stefanyshyn, D.V. (2019). Feasibility analysis of construction of new hydropower plants in Ukraine taking into account the risk of unused possibilities. Environmental safety and natural resources, Issue 3 (31), 33–45; DOI: 10.32347/2411-4049.2019.3.33-45.
2. Stefanyshyn, D., Benatov, D. (2020). Application of a logical-probabilistic method of failure and fault trees for predicting emergency situations at pressure hydraulic facilities (The case of Kakhovka hydroelectric complex). Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise Technologies, 4/2 (106), 55–69; DOI: 10.15587/1729-4061.2020.208467 (Scopus).
3. Stefanyshyn, D.V., Khodnevich, Y.V., Korbutiak, V.M. (2021). Estimating the Chezy roughness coefficient as a characteristic of hydraulic resistance to flow in river channels: a general overview, existing challenges, and ways of their overcoming. Environmental safety and natural resources, 39(3), 16–43; DOI: 10.32347/2411-4049.2021.3.16-43.
4. Stefanyshyn, D.V. (2021). Probability assessment of the Kyiv reservoir overflow. Environmental safety and natural resources, 40 (4), 73–99; DOI: 10.32347/2411-4049.2021.4.73-99.
5. Khodnevych, Y.V., Stefanyshyn, D.V. (2022). Data arrangements to train an artificial neural network within solving the tasks for calculating the Chézy roughness coefficient under uncertainty of parameters determining the hydraulic resistance to flow in river channels. Environmental safety and natural resources, 42(2), 59–85; DOI: 10.32347/2411-4049.2022.2.59-85.