Alain Michaud


Educational qualifications:

1969 – Bachelor of Arts
1972 – DEUG, History and Geography
1973 – Master's, History

Professional activities:

1977–2014: work as «Principal Manager» in «Local Association of Social Activities of the CEA-Grenoble»

Member of associations:

• FMBDS (Mycological and Botanical Federation Dauphiné-Savoie), France
• AMBAC-Cumino (Mycological Association of Bovesana and the Cuneo Alps), Italy

Participant of ICSEM4 (Belgium), ICSEM5 (Mexico), ICSEM6 (Ukraine), ICSEM8 (China), ICSEM9 (Japan)

2000–2021: annual international sessions of “Researches and studies of nivicolous Myxomycetes”
• French Alps, organized by FMBDS (Marianne MEYER) in 73-Savoie and 05-Alpes de Haute-Provence
• Italian Alps, organized by UMBAC Cumino (Gianfranco ARMANDO) in Italy
• Ukrainian Carpathians, organized by Tetiana I. KRYVOMAZ (2007)

Database of Myxomycetes with researches in French Alps
Research of Myxomycetes in Maldives (Helengeli isl., 2012)
Research of Myxomycetes on 5 islands of Seychelles (2011, 2015, 2016)


• First Study of Myxomycetes on La Réunion, France in 2006, discovery of a new species Diderma aurantiocolumellatum, published, Adamonyte, Seraoui & Michaud, Nova Hedwigia, 92 (2011).
• First survey for Myxomycetes on Mahé island in the Seychelles, T.I. Kryvomaz, A. Michaud & S.L. Stephenson. Nova Hedwigia (2017)
• Myxomycete biodiversity on five islands of the Seychelles, T.I. Kryvomaz, A. Michaud & S.L. Stephenson. Zootaxa (2020).
• An annotated checklist of myxomycetes from the Seychelles Islands, Indian Ocean, T.I. Kryvomaz, A. Michaud & S.L. Stephenson. Karstenia (2020)