Nataliya V. Kasatkina

Doctor of Technical Sciences,
Head of the Department Doctoral and Postgraduate Studies
National University of Food Technologies (NUFT)

National University of Food Technologies
Volodymyrska st., 68, Kyiv, Ukraine, 03001
Contact phone: 067-981-39-69

The number of articles in national databases – 42
The number of articles in international databases – 14

Doctor of Technical Sciences, The Specialty is «Civil Protection», Ivan Chernyakhovsky National University of Defense of Ukraine, 2019

Ph.D., The Specialty is «Information technologies», Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics, 2010

Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, The Specialty is «Technology and Equipment of Welding Production», 1977-1983

Physical factors of the industrial environment, means of their normalization
Protection of critical infrastructure objects

Key qualifications:
⦁ Civil Security

Some main publications:
⦁ Studying the shielding of an electromagnetic field by a textile material containing ferromagnetic nanostructures / V. Glyva, О. Barabash, N. Kasatkina, M. Katsman, L. Levchenko, O. Tykhenko, K. Nikolaiev, O. Panova, B. Khalmuradov, O. Khodakovskyy. Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise Technologies. 2020. Vol. 1. No  10 (103). PP. 26 – 31. (Scopus).
⦁ Development and research of protective properties of the composite materials for shielding the electromagnetic fields of a wide frequency range / V. Glyva, N. Kasatkina, V. Nazarenko, N. Burdeina, N. Karaieva, L. Levchenko, O. Panovа, O. Tykhenko, B. Khalmuradov, O. Khodakovsky. Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise Technologies. 2020. Vol. 1. No 12 (104). PP. 40 – 47. (Scopus).
⦁ Monitoring and management of ion concentrations in the air of industrial and public premises / Bolibrukh B., Glyva V., Kasatkina N., Levchenko L., Tykhenko O., Panova O., Bogatov O., Petrunok T., Aznaurian A., Zozulya S. Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise Technologies. 2022. Vol. 1. No 10 (115). PP. 24–3-. (Scopus)
⦁ Bodyanskiy, Y., Chala, O., Kasatkina, N., Pliss, I. Modified generalized neo-fuzzy system with combined online fast learning in medical diagnostic task for situations of information deficit (2022). Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering. 19 (8). PP. 8003-8018.
Scopus: SNIP 2021 – 0.899, Q2; Web of Science